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The project scope for this conceptual design was extensive. Since this project was located out of state, research was the first step. After one gains an understanding of both the culture as well as the climate a concept can then be developed. A project of this magnitude requires an exorbitant amount of time trying to convey the brand standards for the company (Embassy Suites) as well as creating an atmosphere that is desirable to locals, visitors, and employees. There are literally hundreds of points of view one needs to consider. Once all of the data has been collected the design process can begin. A problem statement is created to outline the process which is later replaced by a concept statement. Space use studies turn into sketches which after many iterations later turn into “hard line” drawings. Once architectural drawings are developed the specification phase begins. All surfaces in the space must meet a specific set of standards and cut sheets are developed for each item. Then rendered floor plans, three dimensional drawings, and presentation boards can be developed.

Problem Statement

Concept Statement


Furniture Plan


Reflected Ceiling Plan

Bar Detail

Bar Detail