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Vacation Inspired Color Pallette


I just returned back from a spring vacation to Ireland and aside from leaving even more exhausted than when I arrived I also left feeling inspired for spring and summer! When I was visiting Ireland last week they were experiencing their first few ‘warm’ (cold to me!) days of spring and the people and flowers were out en masse!

Here in California we have beautiful weather nearly every day of the year but we don’t see big season changes like other parts of the country so sometimes we have to create them ourselves by freshening up our interiors. Aside from the beautiful architecture, historic relics, and stunning vistas I felt genuinely inspired by some of the colors that I kept seeing repeatedly throughout my trip. It surprised me to find that everywhere from the rural countryside to bustling downtown Dublin I was seeing the same materials time and time again.

I present my ‘Ireland in Spring’ color pallette! So maybe the name needs work, let’s move on.

Navy – From boats in the harbor, beautifully tailored suits, and front entry doors – entire houses even! There is no denying that this island loves the color of the ocean!

Emerald – After its own name ‘the Emerald Isle’ it is obvious that Kelly Green is king in Ireland. I couldn’t throw a rock without hitting something emerald while I was on this trip. From their nation’s flag, to the rolling hills themselves you’ve never seen this colors true potential until you’ve seen it in its natural state.

Gray – Everything from the clouds in the sky to the ocean itself. We all know that Ireland has its fair share of bad weather but even on the overcast days when everything is blanketed in a haze of grey there is beauty to be found.

Wood – Wooden bar tops, barrel vaulted ceilings, modest cabins – the art of woodworking is alive and well in Ireland and some of the pieces that they manage to create are truly awe inspiring.

Gold – I noticed it everywhere from a gate at an English style manor, to the sign for an antique store in the countryside, even a sleek and contemporary handrail in a popular restaurant downtown. Brass is back in Ireland!

White – Sheep dot the green countryside like white fluffy clouds dot the sky. In a place where white picket fences are balanced with white linen table cloths, pale white-toned neutrals help balance the contrasting jewel tones.

I had a wonderful time on my trip and I’m going to relive those memories each day by introducing this color pallet into my own home this spring and summer. When thinking about a remodeling project remember that inspiration can come from anything, don’t worry so much about what is in style right now. Instead, go with something that is going to make you feel happy, relaxed, and refreshed – it’s your house!